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It’s fair to say that if you’d pulled me aside as a kid and said, “Elizabeth, one day you are going to found a company where you teach people about communication, and you are going to thrive as a coach, trainer and speaker,” I would have laughed in your face, probably pee’d in my pants with anxiety, and then resumed blending into the wall (in that order!).

Over the course of life, experience after experience led me to understand the power and value of voice and the positive benefits and ripple effects from true connection.

Wake Up

The journey to UP started with a couple of Psychology degrees, frustration brewing in a decade-long Clinical Psychology career, and a craving to find a job that gave me a smile on my face when the alarm clock rang out. Thank goodness I found myself all out at sea in a job that required me to recruit staff. I had no idea how to assess a healthy person! My boss at the time gave me a copy of “If you want them to listen, talk their language: Communication, Motivation and Success in Business and Personal Relationships Using the Process Communication Model®” by Elisabeth Feuersenger and Andrea Naef, and asked me to read it within the week. I managed a few hours’ sleep that night and came to her the next day, having finished the book, ready to make a plan of action as to how we were going to assess the candidates and leverage their strengths to form an amazing team.

UP Communication partners with Webster&Co in order to professionally service clients and businesses across Australia and NZ.

In 2013, I leapt in faith and founded a start-UP business. UP Communication now operates in every state of Australia, and has an extensive suite of offerings for an impressive portfolio of clients.

Power Up To The Next Level

Read Up On Our Partnership

Peter Webster, managing director of Webster&Co, has made communication the core of his business for over 40 years. He brings a wealth of experience in business management, marketing and strategic planning, with an emphasis on people skills being the critical factor to any businesses success.

Peter met Elizabeth when they certified as Process Communication Model® licencee’s and certified facilitators in 2013. Having retired from facilitating seminars, Peter’s role is now to provide a consultancy service to Elizabeth; the benefits of which get filtered down to his many clients and companies in a broad cross section of business and industry sectors.

Phil Fagan has been a partner at Webster&Co for 25+ years, and is currently a partner at Munro Group HR, as well as the managing director of his own company; Communication With Understanding. Phil believes the key to success is grounded in our knowledge of self and our ability to connect and communicate with others. Needless to say, Phil is a passionate ambassador of the Process Communication Model!

Phil’s latest book, “Thoughts, Philosophies and Reflections on Leadership and Management” is a worthy addition to any Manager’s toolkit.

Phil is a talented facilitator and communicator bringing his wisdom in business, and life, to the team at UP Communication.

Why are we so UPbeat about what we do?

At UP Communication our mission is to tune UP human strengths and brighten UP people’s influence, so that our community positively impacts the lives of those around them.

We help individuals and teams create meaningful connections, motivate themselves and each other, and reduce distress everyday.

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